Friday, March 26, 2010

Should I have one more?

I knew that title would get your attention ;)
NO I am not contemplating another baby, though I wish God made life a little easier sometimes and that would be an option but as it is, Five is Enough (especially when that includes quads, autism and a rambunctious as H*** two year old boy!) The title refers to a question that went through my mind and strangely enough my husband's about what . . ? three years ago. The quads were finally potty trained (well 3) and in preschool and I guess I had a moment to breathe and thought hmm this is too darn easy, bring it on!
Well, actually I really wanted to experience motherhood with a single baby and I am not alone in this. Scan any HOM chat board (Higher order multiples, ie- triplets or more,) and you will find many of them asking that very same question. I know several of triplet moms who actually did just as we did - asked and received.

I approached this question with an "okay God I am really ok with this either way. If you want us to have another baby - so be it and if not - that's fine too."
Its nice when you can give the Lord the power and truly mean it.

So many people assume that Budgie is an oops baby that I wanted to address it here. He's not. He's a little bitty miracle. Apparently I was cured of my infertility by God and science combined. Because what took two plus years and three miscarriages to get the quads here took one try to get Budgie here :) Well I say one try, I actually had a late miscarriage before him but that conception also only took one month. It was a very heartbreaking loss since I was 15 weeks and showing before we found out. We had seen the heartbeat and movement and then bam just gone all of a sudden. No reason.

But back to the happy stuff. He is a bundle of energy, joy, stress, mess and entertainment rolled up into one. He is every bit a two year old and can throw down some of the best darn tantrums you have ever seen. I find myself making comments to total strangers about him and they tend to fall into two camps as far as response goes - the "I can't stand your kid, get him to shut up please" camp and
the "He is so cute and we have all been there" camp. I favor the latter of course.

An interesting story about the quads that few know. They were actually quintuplets - for 7 or so weeks. That little baby 5, is the main reason we decided to have one more baby. I believe that every baby you conceive is a soul that exists forever. So I feel that I actually have four babies in Heaven waiting on me. My husband thinks Budgie is that baby #5 who finally made it into our arms. I am okay with that. Its beautiful either way you look at it.
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