Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dad - A Happy Birthday Tribute

Happy Birthday Dad-  You make 80 look good!



The 23rd of November in 1932
A year no one remembers
because no one is older than you!

80 years have come and gone
 like leaves upon the wind
Each day you greet with a smile
 for there's always a garden to tend.

Born into a depression
then 3 sisters from Gil and Sadie
whose tolerance marks them for sainthood
Janet, Mary and Dadie

The 40's came and brought a new view
people went back to work
we can thank World War II

First High school then Air Force
as those years flew by
a new dream was born when you wanted to fly.

Then came a night-
the pinnacle of your existence
To Morocco with Midnight Mass in the distance. :)

The 50's brought Auburn
and you became legal-
football and beer and yelling War Eagle!

You moved to Orlando
postcards home you would send
having parties with all of your astronaut friends.

Then finally you found her
your mustang caught her eye
Her name was Miss Peggy
and you were her guy.

"Peggy we must have children - to not would be mean.
I must pass along my superior genes!"

First Becky then Bonnie, Jenny then Jimmy
"Enough!" you told mom "I think four is plenty!"

So we gather today 80 years later
I am sure I've successfully scared off the waiter

Paw Paw, Dad, Buck or James
You are someone who is loved
and known by many names.

There's too many decades
and not enough time
for fitting a life
into words that will rhyme

So in closing I have
one last thing to say
We love you
War Eagle!
and Happy Birthday!!

Love, your kids (but especially Bonnie who wrote it :) )