Thursday, February 26, 2009

Navigating the social side of life

Here is my silly "shy" girl. Looking at this picture you can see her true personality, a total ham. She loves to sing, play dress up and give snappy eyerolling remarks reminiscent of a 13 year old (yes, that one really scares me but currently it is hilarious coming out of a 5 year olds mouth.) She is actually very shy, but I can tell kids like her and want to be friends with her. Once I was walking behind her at school and a little girl came running up and threw her arm around my daughter and said "Hey D!" They walked to class together but I caught a glimpse of my daughter and she had this look on her face like "what is going on?" She later told me, she liked this girl and wanted to be friends with her but that she didn't know what to say. The other girl, being the more outgoing of the pair, obviously wanted the same thing and took charge of the situation as that came natural to her. I have always been envious of those people. D is definitely my daughter, age has helped somewhat as has having children, but I am not a natural at social situations, it has taken careful observation and practice to feel as comfortable as I do now, which is much better than say my twenties were in that respect, but still its an ongoing struggle and has something to do with confidence and an awareness that you truly are no more or less important on this earth than anyone you may talk to (well short of the Pope, and some select world leaders I guess!)

So I really want to pass this lesson on to my children as I think my mom has done for me. She is also on the shy side but really has the best social skills as far knowing what is the best thing to do or not do in a situation "Bonnie, you need to leave the neighbors house when they start cooking supper" "People like to hear their name when you are talking to them." She is right about that one, try it. When you are talking with someone, just say their name or notice how you feel when they say yours, it makes you feel like they care. Anyway, this begs the question, how do you teach your children to navigate the social side of life? It really is that important, it is after all the way we reach out and connect with people that makes life enjoyable. We are all social creatures, even those of us who are shy. I do not consider myself shy anymore. But it took years to get to this point. I have another daughter who will never be shy and I suspect the baby will be the kind of person that people revolve around because he has that magnetic personality. Well, I started this post as an update but as is usually the case, it turned into a commentary on something totally random. More to come . . .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a CRAZY week we have had!

Hi long-lost blog friends, we have had a crazy week here, or two maybe? Let me fill you in on my tuesday and then maybe a few other fun things as well -

So I have to do the usual get everyone up including the baby and get dressed, feed, water and potty them. Tie shoes, fix lunch , zip backpacks etc and buckle them in the car by 8 AM.
I nearly always end up saying something I regret, someone is in tears (often myself) or I am just fuming in general. I may be getting a better grip on this but more on that later. I only had two to drop off as my big boy had strep - yuck- so far the rest of us have faired well. I kept my first born home (first born by 30 seconds) as she had an appointment with doodles Psych. for an eval we are suspecting ADD but it has been suggested that mild autism is not out of the question - Lord why another one?) I am thinking God has decided we are handling the first one so well that he thought we could add another? SO the moral of the story is - to those who have much, more will be piled on top until you can't see light at all.
Anyway, baby J, big boy and "baby"A and myself drive 35 minutes to pick up MIL. Then we get a flat on the way. I never even felt a thing?? Luckily we were a hundred yards from a gas station and just happened to be 5 minutes from my husbands work so he came out and changed it in his nice clothes. This is a new to us car so we had to read the manual to figure out where the heck the spare was and boy was it complicated. All that extra storage comes at a price, they jimmied the spare up under the car on some kind of cable and wench system? I suspect I just lost most of you there didn't I? Me too, anyway. We drive on, not too late because, for once, I left with some time to spare, yes I know, totally not my style. The Dr basically confirms that there is indeed an issue with out daughter which I knew but still hated hearing, and how interesting is it that in this age of budget cuts Walton County is reevaluating her and "finding" that she might not qualify anymore?? They ought to be patting their teachers on the back for catching her up, not saying she doesn't need the help now because she is doing well. The fact is, she is very smart but cant focus to save a dime and once that extra help is gone she will fall behind again per teachers and therapists. The officials are saying otherwise, the ones who don't know her and administer tests. Whatever,
So while I was at the Dr, Dh calls and says the school called and said a boy in doodles class, large and mean, has pushed her off the slide a 6 foot drop and she is in the nurses office with a limp. I was too far away so he went to pick her up and she ended up being okay but I really wanted to pound that stupid kid (don't judge me for calling him stupid, if it was your kid getting shoved you would feel exactly the same) She is totally defenseless. She wouldn't know how to defend herself at all in any situation and he was twice her size. I do not care that he has a disability, I want him gone from her class. He has hit and cussed at everyone and needs to be in a psychoed center. They are having a meeting on monday and the parents do not think there is a problem. Coincidently Doodle received a huge full price valentine from this boy with his parents handwriting sending "lots of love!" Barf me out the door people. Ooh I just got a little angry there?
Okay so that was my Tuesday, she is fine though and her wonderful teacher and parapros are fiercely protective of her, especially now so hopefully that will be the end of that. My next entry will be about the healing mass and some fun stuff.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's goin' on

To start, as I sit here and write, I hear one of my five year old walking around in the kitchen singing "womanizer, womanizer . . " that's about all she knows thank goodness. We were, gulp, listening to it on the way home from church (that's when the top 40 countdown comes on!)
So , some thoughts on this crazy week. First of all, Baby J turned ONE YEAR OLD!! I can't believe it. I really had mixed emotions about it. MY baby is not really a baby at this point, although that's only a technicality, every mom knows he will always be my baby. He is sure gettin fiesty though. HE wants what he wants, when he wants it and that's it. There is no reasoning with him, he doesn't see your point of view. I am not sure that will change even as he matures but I have learned this. Most of the annoying, stressful exasperating traits your children have area a good sign of healthy, typical development and will probably serve them well in the future, even if you are driven crazy by it presently! Stubborness, early walking, some amount of clinginess (remember, the opposite is aloofness and that's not good) Anyway, I made a resolution for February to keep my posts shorter so I will end this one and say that the next will update you all on my experience at the healing mass with Alan Ames that we took Doodle to.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My washing machine

I am not sure if this post will be funny or even interesting, but I will try my best. You see My washing machine (which is like 12 years old and has already been fixed once by my amazingly self-trained-at fixing-random-things husband,) is broken. I am sooooo coveting those snazzy-lookin' matchy matchy front loaders with the commercial looking stands. I can't really justify the purchase in this economic climate however, I promise I would- use it use it wear it out, make it work or do with out'-to quote a phrase from WWII. Wait a minute, that's what I'm doing now with the old washer and dryer (the dryer has been revamp by my handiman as well.)

See I do like 2 loads a day minimum if I want to have any kind of a weekend. Unless I am pg with morning sickness and then I don't do any until my MIL or mom comes over and feels sorry for me. But since that won't be happening anymore ... I have no excuses, I try to be a fly baby but I can only take that attitude for so long before it makes me want to hurl. But I digress, I deserve to have the proper tools to take care of my family of seven but it ain't gonna happen due to the fact that my darn husband figured out what part needed replacing. BTW - I need a new lap top too, this one is missing some keys! Also notta happenin' . I very much want to quit wanting things but I guess its human nature. I need to become a Christian Buddhist , don't they tout the philosophy that all human suffering comes from attachment to things. Well I am technically attached to the idea that my kids need to wear clothes to school that don't have old ketchup stains on them so I guess I can't be a buddhist. If there ever was a household that would use and appreciate a heavy duty washer and dryer its this one. Unless you count the family with 18 kids but they have like a laundry floor complete with closets and maybe 5 washers and dryers. So I spent 30 bucks at the laundromat last week and the stuff wasn't even dry when I got home - not DRY!! or folded (shouldn't the machines do that too?) Really cool people hang out at laundromats, like the creepy stalker looking pseudo-nerd who shouldn't have to be there as long as he is since he has to be single so he wouldn't need to do more than one load? Or the mom whose kid is running around checking ALL the machines for change AGAIN. Other good times to be had at the washateria as my mom still calls it, The wonderful fumes of Bounce, mixed with chlorine bleach and burnt dryer lint. and that nice sticky icky feeling you get when you accidently touch any surface including the change machine. I used three of the super-mega washing machines, each holds four loads and costs 5.25 per shot. I did 12 loads then and tryed to shove them into two dryers thinking I would save money? The more wet clothes the longer it takes to dry so I didn't end up saving myself any thing at all! Hmpff! I just need to take it in stride, The part should arrive tomorrow and I can go back to doing my 2-3 loads a day and eventually catch up once more. I read an article in an inspirational magazine that struck a chord and it literally said "if you have a washing machine that works- be thankful! Well I don't but I am still thankful because we have clothes to be washed and I "cant" do any washing right now so that leaves some time free to do things like dishes or post on a blog about how much I need a new washer !

All my children and my friends' too

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