Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy days are here again!

Well, in light of my very negative post yesterday, which I reread and cringed a bit but ultimately decided to leave online due to its truthfulness, in light of that I decided to lighten things up a bit with a post of pictures from our day of fun at the mall. Above is Pauli driving her new boat at Bass Pro Shop. The kids loved being able to climb around on those boats, I am sure the staff was watching us with trepidation but we took full advantage of this unconventional playground.
Here is one of Pop looking thrilled while the other kids ride the Merry Go Round. Notice how Jacks outfit is coordinated to match his new stroller, I always do that! Kidding that would be OCD for sure. I only have that occasionally.

Okay, this is something I would have loved as a kid but now makes me want to throw up. I didn't even like watching them enjoy it! They loved it and I was so glad I had to stay off and watch Jack. I used to be the queen of roller coasters but now I am not even sure I could do the Log Jamboree at Sick Flags, I mean Six Flags.

Again the look of Joy, and we did this after eating in the food court Pizza and Fries. How I have earned my Gold star mom of the year award today! Have you ever had one of those days where you just want them to be happy and not end up in the hospital? Let them eat, do and wear and say what they want, pretend not to see or hear the parts you don't like and just smile? Well today was that kind of a day. It works for me on occasion.

I hope they remember these years as fun and not with me always saying something like this:
Kid: "Mom can we do X, Y, or Z?"
Me: "No"
Me: "Because I have five kids and its tooooooo hard!"
So from then on my answer is either no or No bc I have 5 kids
I mean I use that as an excuse for everything,
Can we have Pizza?
No bc I have 5 kids?
Can we play at McD?
No five kids
Can we go to Walmart with you?
No 5
Etc, Ad Nauseum
Anyway, We had fun today and no one went to the hospital. It was all in all a success I'd say. When we got home with grandparents in tow (my in laws) I even whipped up the last batch of tollhouse cookies I will make this century bc in a few days I am back on weight watchers and I had to use up the last of my 16 lb bag of chips from Sam's. Ohhh they are so good I am eating them right now and the kids are asleep and you are reading this wishing I would share. Sorry! I will be paying for it later in Step class though. Have a Happy New Year, Can't wait for 09!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can you help me?

Instead of a typical post, I am going to write out all the questions I have in my head today and if anyone who reads this has an answer to one or all of them, I would love to hear it!

1. Why do fools fall in love?

2. What is the meaning of life?

3. Why will my son not eat anything but sweets?

4. Why won't my baby sleep like a baby?

5. Why do people feel like everyone in the world should act/dress/think/worship/recreate/live as they do?

6. Why can't I remember anything from all the Calculus and Physics classes I took at Auburn.

7. Why does my kids' pediatrician (whom I love as a person) keep telling me that vaccines are totally harmless, how can she be sure? She is willing to bet my baby's future neurological health on it when I have two little girls who have issues one major and one minor.

8. Why doesn't everyone know that many if not most of the vaccines that we push in the USA have patents owned by the CDC? Money, money, money . . . that's all I'm saying, oh that and yes I can see where a 2 lb baby needs a shot for an STD like Hep B? Or anybaby for that matter, how many drug using infants do you know, the moms are tested for Hep B so if it comes out negative, why give the shot so damn early? (Sorry sore spot)

9. Why do all the Catholic churchs now use contemporary Christian music instead of traditional Catholic Hymns which are very beautiful, especially at Christmas?

10. Why can't I use the bathroom without someone talking to me from the hallway?

11. Why wasn't I born with some amazing talent like music or the ability to use alchemy to create gold?

12. Why do I find it so difficult to find time to pray (and without falling asleep?)

13. How is it possible that I have so many wonderful friends?

14. Why did it take my husband so long to start his own blog, he is one of the best writers I know!

15. Why ask Why?

16. Who wrote the book of love?

17. Why can't I stop eating chocolate?

18. Why wasn't I born with a fast metabolism?

19. How do I answer my daughter when she asks the following questions -

"Mommy why doesn't God give all the children in the world enough food to eat?" or "Mommy why doesn't Santa give all the poor kids toys like we get?" "Mommy, how did baby Jack get in your tummy?"

Followed quickly by "Mommy how did the Dr get baby Jack OUT of your tummy?"

20. Why am I up on the computer when I could be catching up on sleep? (I can answer this one, I drank too much Coke and I enjoy the quiet!

OK people - I'm waiting????

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How do I do it?

People ask me this quite frequently and to be honest, I never know how to answer them, though in truth, it is probably just a rhetorical question and they are probably not really looking for an answer. But I have it for you today. That is if you are interested.
Here is how . . .
Today after baking about 200 plus chocolate chip cookies for teachers and coworkers,
today after wrestling all day with a baby who kept me up all night because he was wheezing and feverish and the Benadryl I gave him caused him to become excited instead zonked,
today after changing atleast 5 poop diapers,
and folding four loads of laundry and decorating the Christmas tree and feeding my kids frozen pizza for dinner,
I laid on the floor, on my stomach so my crawling, cruising baby wouldn't punch my stomach or fall on my other sensitive parts I started to drift off and imagine that his pushing and rolling and other movements were that of a masseuse at an expensive spa that doesn't smell like poop and cookies together. In my head I was getting a massage (something I haven't done in years.) Okay so this particular massage was from a drooling masseuse who whined a little and eventually fell asleep on my back but the best part was all I had to tip him was a couple of kisses and a zerbert on the belly. That is how I do it my friends, its all in the delusional mind games I play. The drooling masseuse has an opening tomorrow at 10 AM if anyone would like him to swing by. By the way, I don't recommend trying to give your next masseuse a belly zerbert, I hear they much prefer cash ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fantastic Friday

How cute are my kiddos? Very, is my biased opinion. This is just a random recent moment but it is getting harder and harder to catch them all together long enough to photograph.

If you are wondering if the relationship between multiples is different than typical siblings I would say yes and no. Yes, they tend to look out for each other in everyway and they want to be together pretty much 24/7 although when my big guy went to hang out with my nephews recently he was in heaven with all the boys around while my girls cried that he was gone and they didn't want him to miss out on anything fun we did like decorating cookies, (which I incidently ate most of.) I assured them that he was having fun of his own and wouldn't miss out. I would say no in that they still fight occasionally but far far less than my siblings and I did as kids. I do have mutliples friends whose kids fight a lot so I can't say for sure if that has anything to do with it. Here are some things they don't have:
Psychic powers
Their own language (well they did make up like two words when they were 3)
Any concept of birth order
Identical DNA (fraternal of course)
Similar gifts and abilities
They are as different as night and day, except they have the same birthday!
Jackaroo on the other hand is totally different than they were as a group or as individuals.
He thinks he is the center of The Universe and rightly so (for now!)
He thinks he lives in a circus (prerry much true.)
He thinks everything his siblings do is hilarious.
He thinks his mom is the bomb.
I am sure he is thinking a few other things and those will be revealed in time. I believe sooner rather than later as he will be talking a little quicker than they did with all the chatter he hears. Still haven't heard a momma out of him but the other day someone reminded me that once he started saying he would never stop so I am okay with him just saying Dada for now!
Have a Fantastic Friday and Merry Christmas! Oh by the way, in order to balance my negative post from the other day, I have a list of things I like at the very bottom of the page, just scroll down if you are so inclined!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things that bug me

Well, if you are reading this then you are gonna get what the title says, a list of things that bug me. I just want to give fair warning to anyone that wants to bail out now. Okay, here goes . . .

I am annoyed by rudeness, especially when its by people who don't even know you, like say people who work behind fast food counters or at retail stores. I realize they may not like their jobs but no ones chaining them down there. Find a new job if you don't like it!

Loud-mouths, people who think they know everything or want to top your story no matter what you say, next time you come across one of these types just say "oh yea, well last year I had an ingrown toenail and the dr told me my toe would have to come off" When they start to give you a run down on their last podiatrist visit cut them off and say " yea well my toe nail got infected with that MRSP and the dr only gave me 2 weeks to live . . . in fact, I am over due to expire, if you'll excuse me." As you dash off.

Boring people come in close second but fortunately, I am finding most people really aren't boring. Everyone has a story to tell, something interesting about themselves or their families that makes them unique. Boring people are just not talking about the right things. What is your unique story?, I am sure you already know mine. Yes, I have quads, then comes I have five kids on purpose, after that I would say I went to Australia a few years ago. Followed by my husband was in a movie with Kristi McNichols when he was 12, saved all the money and bought his first car with it. He still gets royalty checks for it which is why we are rich. I am kidding, about the checks, he really was in a movie called Summer of My German Soldier. I love that about him! In fact, he is a very unique and interesting person in regular person clothing. He played football as a walk on for UGA (ok so it was the scout team but still very cool.) He used to write a newspaper column in his hometown, he has written two fiction novels. He was supposed to go into training to be a Navy pilot and then plans changed ( which is lucky for me.) He can turn on a red neck accent in an instant if necessary to deal with people who are put at ease by that. He has three degrees from UGA and is infact a Dr. So cool. Okay this column has turned into my brag about my husband essay? Weird, didn't see that coming.


Back to things that annoy me, I am not a fan of

Bumper stickers (even the funny ones,) Give the stick people a rest already, and by the way, I don't care if your family raises Pygmy goats!

Can't stand stuffed animals in the window, or any kind of hanging lai, air freshener, dice, tassel or Rosary beads (that is not what they are for!)

Yippie dogs that bark too much and weigh less than 2 pounds - just shut up already and take off that stupid sweater!

People who think they are being nice to my autistic daughter but are really just talking to her like she is an idiot or a baby. Believe me, she knows what you are saying and how you are saying it, I believe it annoys her as well. She probably has a higher IQ than you too so there!

People who think they can ask all kinds of personal questions about your fertitlity issues because you have multiples, then they love to fill you in on anyone they know who has had trouble getting pregnant, Do you really think I am interested in your second step cousin's ovarian cysts? Yuck!

People who can't pronounce the word QUADRUPLETS, its not that hard people!

People who are overly interested in or excited by anything like stats for major sports figures, Sci Fi crap, Dungeons and Dragons, (Note: My attachment to Harry Potter does not qualify me in this category, I am immune to my own snobbery.)

Celine Dion - Uck

Mariah Carey - put on some comfortable clothes!

Super models - eat a sandwich please

Celebrities who think they run the world and that their political opinions matter to me anymore than the guy next door's do. You are paid to act, not educate me on why my choice for president is wrong.

People who still drive cars around with Al Gore stickers, you would be surprised how many of those are still out there! Umm excuse me while I remove my McCain Palin cling on.

I hate licorice or anything having anything to do with licorice Good n plentys, and hello vegetables that taste like licorice - fennel, whats that all about.

ohh mushy mealy apples and tomatoes


weather people - I don't know why?

Local TV personalities in general

Steve and Vicky in the morning

Liberals who like to judge everyone and tell them they are wrong for not thinking the way they do.

Ok, I think I will have to continue this tomorrow because I am so very exhausted by my own complaints!

Look for part deux tomorrow!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A bit about everything

I am not sure where this post will end up but sometimes if I just start writing it seems to end up wrapped around some random central theme eventually so here it goes, this is really a stress reliever for me and an outlet since I can't blab to a husband who is already asleep!
I am currently battling going to the gym vs. baby naptime vs. Christmas shopping. Oh vs. staying home and doing nothing. That one seems to win out a lot. I start thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done at home and after I drop the others off at school I decide to go do it but inevitably the baby will not settle down so we both end up on the couch in front of the TV. He is no longer content to sit in his exersaucer or play on the floor with toys. He wants to crawl away or cruise around looking for things to get into so that makes it all more difficult. I am currently in the market for a playyard!
I can't seem to get any decorating done, though we do have a tree now and it is upright with water and a skirt around it at least but I generally have to do the lights by myself and that is a pain, you have to throw the lights around to the other side and then climb back up the step ladder and arrange them as far as possible without falling onto the tree or floor. Then you have to go back and change out bulbs so you don't have too many of the same color all clumped together (something dad instilled in me.) Then fix the burned out ones. Then hang ornaments that aren't broken, ugly or missing a hook without sticking yourself with the stupid hooks or needles on the tree. Then put something tacky like tinsel or some sparkling garland and finally find a way to put the angel on top. I have never managed to get the angel on top and I bought it 4 years ago. Before that I threw a bow up there over and over until it stuck in the right place. Then I get to vacuum again with a crappy old vacuum that won't pick up but half the needles because it doesn't suck. You can't say a vacuum sucks when its bad so what do you say? Anyway, more watering and vacuuming ensue in the weeks to follow. Oh well, this topic has played itself out and I am bored by my own complaining. Onto other things.
How about what to give as teachers gifts? I have 9 to buy! The thing is, my kids are in the same class! Well 3 of them any way but there are two para pros, two teachers, three speech therapist, an Occupational therapist, a resource teacher and countless special teachers, P.E. etc. I gotta feeling those specials teachers end up with the short end of the stick, everyone probably leaves them out seeing as there are so many of them, music, art etc. Hey I just remembered the art teacher just married one of the gym teachers so they can share right?
I have no idea what to give my husband, I am thinking of putting a note on the tree that says "Go get something at Bass Pro Shop and put it on Your credit card" How sweet is that? I want to be thoughtful and romantic but I just haven't got it in me during this busy time of year. Maybe when the kids are older. I bet millions of moms have that as an excuse for at least a dozen different things over the course of 18 + years. I think that I am successfully unwound now and in the mood for bad TV or bed. Have a good night and I promise the next post will be less random!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To sleep or not to sleep

Okay, I know that picture has nothing to do with the title but it is a cute picture of 3 of my kids and their cousin, he is my first cousin once removed - I don't know what that makes him to my kids but I bet you are sitting there right now thinking, How does she understand that whole cousin-labeling system? Well I don't really but I did find out a while back that all those little people I thought were my 2nd cousins are really my first once removed's. I read it somewhere.
He is cute, He can drive his parents golf cart and he is not even as old as my kids! This picture is taken at my almost 90 year old granddads "farm" And I add the quotes because he has two cows and two goats but to me that's a farm. Sure smelled like one anyway. Ripe.
So back to the sleeping thing,
I am not getting any. My baby has achieved about 5 milestones this week and sleep is not on his list. He can now stand up and that seems to be more important than sleep, also, he has not figured out how to sit down so you know how that goes. He started clapping, trying to talk a little, blow raspberries, and still likes to nurse at 2:30, 4 and 5 AM.
I am only tolerating this because he is the last one. I am torn between the whole Cry it out- Baby Wise Vs. Co-bedding Dr. Sears attachment parenting thing. IF you don't understand that controversy you can Google it. I won't get into it, I can't take a side, I am on the fence like my kids in the picture - Aaahaa there is the catch and reason for my using that picture!! See how clever I am?
I will say that I did Baby Wise with my quads, had to no choice. The baby who was the hardest to get to sleep and had to cry it out for a week staight is my very best sleeper to this day. She is the only one who stays in bed all night and doesn't come up with excuses to get in mom and dads bed because her nose is running etc. She prays every night that God will give her good dreams and I so hope he hears her on that. What a sweet prayer. What a sweet little girl.
I chose to be more liberal, Freebird, Hemp wearing mamma style with Jack. He is it so I just want to spoil him and I have. Or maybe this is just how singletons act? He is a terrible sleeper. I start him out in his crib after I nurse him to sleep at say 7 or 8. I tip toe out and he does ok until about 11pm then I nurse him again and let him stay in our bed so I can just go to sleep. I might get in a couple of hours but then he wakes at say 2:30 on and off until 6 AM Nothing satisfies him! How many 10 month olds get to nurse 3-4 times a night! I am doing something so wrong. He is not that into babyfood he eats twice a day and he is a big guy, like 25 pounds. And the teeth, the darn teeth they aren't any fun for me, I will leave it at that. Oh well, I haven't gotten enough sleep in over a year and a half. I miss it so. I don't even dream anymore because you have to be out for a certain amount of time for those to occur. It wasn't this bad with the four because they were sleeping through the night by 4 months! Okay, I will try to close on a positive note. I know I will look back on this and laugh one day. I already miss my sweet baby boy, he is turning into a little man right before my eyes. I might even plan his February birthday party someday. Maybe I will ask Santa for a long winter's nap for Christmas. To all a good night (especially me!)