Friday, February 12, 2010

Father Daughter Dance 2010

Now that I understand how to use Picasa (a free photoshop type program,) you are all in for it. It is infinitely simple even for my addled brain. I love it. Here are some shots from the dance last week. They had the best time and are still talking about it. Notice the cute coordinating dresses I got on sale at The Children's Place. Wish I could have bought out the whole store! Anyway, I took the boys out for pizza which they loved. In all it was a great night. Can't wait for next year. The girls are going to have such good memories from this and I am so thankful they have a Daddy that is willing to give them that even if he has to endure a hundred girls screaming on the dance floor when Miley Cyrus's 'Party in the USA' Comes on! Thanks dad! You are the best date they will ever have and you will never break their hearts.
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My Baby turned two last week!

My little man turned two!  I still can't believe it?  Where did my baby go?  Well he will always be my baby of course but seriously, where did that time go?  He will hopefully be out of diapers in the next 6 months and then what? going to Kindergarten?  I know we still have time but it makes me ponder a few things, one of which is NOT should I have another!  Ha ha  - but I do envy those of you, younger than me (I'm 38) who still have time, energy and desire to increase your family size.  I loved having babies, loved being pregnant (okay I admit it) I dearly miss those four babies of mine who never made it to my arms but I know its the reason I have the ones I ended up with.  I know I will see them one day in Heaven.

I am in no hurry to see my Budgie grow up and put on big boy pants, but ready or not its coming.  He still wants momma most of the time and that will change soon so I savour it.  He still lights up when he sees me walk into the room and takes on a full sprint towards me even if I was only gone for 5 minutes from his view.  He still nurses at bedtime and first thing in the morning, yes that will end eventually but not if he has anything to say about it.  I kept thinking it would fade away but he has no other vice, no pacie, no thumb, no blankie, binkie, bonkie or other such comfort so for the time being - I'm it.  I am ok with that.  Once he stops, I will never again get to hold him because he doesn't sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time! 

Well I know we have much growing up to look forward to and I hope he doesn't mind having one of the "older moms" in his class when he starts school.  He is such a sweetie wish he could stay that way but time marches on  and one day he will use that one dimple on the right side of his face to look at me and smile and charm me out of the car keys.

My Jack

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Here are my girls on a date with Daddy at the Father-Daughter Dance at school tonight. When I went shopping for these dresses I asked them if they wanted to look alike or different this year (I was sure the dressing alike thing was over) and the one in pink "mouse" said, "Yes Momma, we want to dress alike because we are sisters!" I know that won' t last much longer and they are so cute. I know this will be a favorite phono one day.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day Out

Here is a random and decent photo from our recent trip to the mall. This is a big deal to the kids because we do it so infrequently, what with only four adult hands and like 10 or 15 kid ones? Anyway, we rode the Carousel and went to Johnny Rockets where they had a nutritious dinner of ice cream and fries. Then everyone had a stomach virus the next week! Ugg, that was awful - not blaming it on Johnny Rockets I am sure it came from the school. After this we went to visit the giant fish tank in Bass Pro Shops which was fun as always except the kids seriously wanted to know if they could climb over the top and swim with the fish. Not today anyway.
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All Together

Here we are in front of the giant fish tank at Bass Pro Shops. Best free aquarium there is. Beats paying 20 bucks a head and having to drive to Atlanta! Ok so maybe not quite the same but the kids don't know that yet!
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