Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awesome Loganville Photographer - Melissa Brown Photography Cute pics of my kiddos

Hey there.  I wanted to share my recent experience with a lovely photographer in Loganville who happens to also be a friend of mine from church.  Her name is Melissa Brown and she is fantastic to say the least.  Let me tell you why I think she's special.

She took awesome candid and posed photos of my kids.

All five of them.

They are smiling.

They are cute.

She even managed to handle the three year old with relative ease.

And my daughter Pauli who has autism.

Now let me tell you something.  Anyone who can get good sweet photos of a special needs kid, an ornery three year old boy, three other siblings and farm animals at the same time is a talented person.

It does take a bit of finesse to handle special needs kids and Melissa Brown has got it.  Just the right amount of patience, kindness and a certain "I don't know what" (Imagine that in french, sounds cooler but I don't know how to spell it.)
Anyway, take a look if your are curious.  We took these pictures at the home of Shelley Shellnutt, owner of Country Kids Camp which is super awesome as well.  Thanks Shelley!!  If you are interested you can find her on Facebook - Melissa (Biedron) Brown Photography.  Or just send me a note and I will help you find her. P.S.  You can also find Country Kid's Camp on Facebook. Have a great day