Friday, February 12, 2010

My Baby turned two last week!

My little man turned two!  I still can't believe it?  Where did my baby go?  Well he will always be my baby of course but seriously, where did that time go?  He will hopefully be out of diapers in the next 6 months and then what? going to Kindergarten?  I know we still have time but it makes me ponder a few things, one of which is NOT should I have another!  Ha ha  - but I do envy those of you, younger than me (I'm 38) who still have time, energy and desire to increase your family size.  I loved having babies, loved being pregnant (okay I admit it) I dearly miss those four babies of mine who never made it to my arms but I know its the reason I have the ones I ended up with.  I know I will see them one day in Heaven.

I am in no hurry to see my Budgie grow up and put on big boy pants, but ready or not its coming.  He still wants momma most of the time and that will change soon so I savour it.  He still lights up when he sees me walk into the room and takes on a full sprint towards me even if I was only gone for 5 minutes from his view.  He still nurses at bedtime and first thing in the morning, yes that will end eventually but not if he has anything to say about it.  I kept thinking it would fade away but he has no other vice, no pacie, no thumb, no blankie, binkie, bonkie or other such comfort so for the time being - I'm it.  I am ok with that.  Once he stops, I will never again get to hold him because he doesn't sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time! 

Well I know we have much growing up to look forward to and I hope he doesn't mind having one of the "older moms" in his class when he starts school.  He is such a sweetie wish he could stay that way but time marches on  and one day he will use that one dimple on the right side of his face to look at me and smile and charm me out of the car keys.

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