Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I know I have been a slacker for not posting in a week but since I don't hear any complaining . . .  I have some random things to comment on and motherhood in general on a later post.

Random things:
1.  Am I the last person on Earth to catch on to this super annoying trend of kids collecting these glorified, animal shaped rubber bands?  Silly Bands are all the rage in the south and probably elsewhere too.  Some body is making a load of cash off this "duh why didn't I think of that" idea.  I,
however, being smart and all ordered some quickly and then turned them into rewards they could earn one band at a time.  It will eventually wear off probably this summer but until then they are motivated to earn them instead of me just buying them and going "here have this junk that everyone else has too."  Earning them will make them more of a hot commodity I think!

2.  I got exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day!  No cooking, cleaning, poems from the kids that they made at school and a gift card to Mecca  (Barnes and Noble) for some books and coffee, hopefully kid free!

3.  My husband is taking a new job.  He is switching from High School AP to Elementary and that means he will be getting home much earlier and not working ball games and banquets three nights a week!  I am supremely thankful for the change that is going to bring about in our lives.  He is the best.

4.  We have new comfortable patio furniture finally to go on our newly painted deck so I have a nice place to drink coffee in the morning if I can get the dumb dog to leave me alone!

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