Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I do to stay sane . . .

It has been a while since I have done a list post and they are easy and fun so . . .

Things I do to stay sane when I have SEVEN kids at home on a cold day:
 Note- I am babysitting two children in addition to my five because, yeah, I am crazy like that.

1.  One word - IPOD

2.  Candy followed by locking everyone in the backyard till sugar spaze runs out.

3.  Going to my "Happy Place" and envisioning how quiet it is somewhere else in the world like say the top of Kilimanjaro.

4.  Wishing I was sitting on the moon.

5.  Remembering a time when I had no children and how horrible it felt not knowing if I ever would.

6. Practice being sad imagining "empty nest syndrome"  which will not happen for about 10 years.

P.S.  #6 doesn't work

7. Relive the 36 hours I spent recently in Montego Bay, Jamaica at an adults-only resort.  WOW

8. Locking myself in the laundry room and sitting on the dryer so they can't see my feet under the door.  Practice shallow breathing so they can't hear me.

9. Fake some gastric distress so I have an excuse to stay in the bathroom for long  periods of time and read.

10. Plan date night with Roy that will probably be way in to the future like say after the NEW president  is sworn in.  Yes.  I believe!

11.  Plan next Auburn Girls' trip which will also not be soon enough.

12.  Bake best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Eat. Repeat.

13.  Send annoying texts to my friends, especially Jen who is probably busy at work in the ICU trying to save some one's life right now.
14.  Plan to clean entire house but realize I am just fooling myself.

15.  Three words - Words with Friends

and the number one way I survive a cold day inside with seven child

16. Write semi-humorous blog post to entertain friends and strangers and make them happier that they are not ME!!

P.S. Kim if you happen to read this, I promise I am taking excellent care of your offspring :)

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  1. Only 7 IA quiet day for us. Enjoy that you can have them at home. So many have to let others watch their beloved children. I love that you are holding out hope for a new pres. I know that I will feel a huge feeling of relief if and when that finally happens. God help us. Enjoy your day and your chocolate.