Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stuff my daughter with autism has broken . .

Hey there.  I am writing this post as a therapeutic count backwards from one hundred so I don't do something stupid post.  Today took the cake.  My Doodle does irrational things and tends to be destructive for no apparent reason.  Especially to items she loves.  She will shred her favorite books and take handles off drawers, throw pillows off couches and beds along with blankets or any item she considers out of place in the universe.  There is no rhyme or reason.  She just does it.  Sometimes its funny and sometimes it really p*s*es me OFF.  Today is such a day.  So here in no particular order is a list of things she has broken in my home:

1. her favorite books
2.  her favorite DVD's
3.  All the remote controls in the house. 
4.  All the Wii remotes
5.  The microwave
6.  my lap top
7.  her lap top
8.  the lap top before that
9.  the lap top before that (we buy surplus computers from the public school system for this reason.)
10.  my kindle fire
11. my kindle fire before that
12.  My 3rd  Kindle Fire which she THREW OUT THE CAR WINDOW TODAY WHILE I WAS DRIVING.  Yes, it was smashed to smithereens.
13.  All the blinds in my bedroom.  She snaps the ends off and breaks the rods.
14.  She throws forks, spoons and my good china in the garbage can and often I don't notice till the garbage is gone.
15.  She throws food waiting to be eaten in the trash like pizza or dinner I just cooked, even if she likes it.
16. My last camera (not my awesome new one Betty!! Its under lock and key.)

I can't explain her tendancy to do this and before you say, "Why do you let her touch those things ?" remember-
This child must be constantly entertained or she will go bizerk.  Screaming, yelling, turning the tv on and off constantly.  Slamming doors and flipping lights on and off even in the middle of the night.  She recently threw a full kitchen size chair over the balcony into the foyer of our house.  Luckily no one was hurt.  She hasn't killed the dog yet but give it time.

She has a 5th grade reading level, she is in 4th grade.  Has taught herself to read and has taught herself spanish.  She can program the DVR like nobody's business.  She can work any electronic device or app in the history of the human story.  She can't however remember to go the restroom, tell me why she is mad or what she wants most of the time. 

She is smart enough to know how to manipulate people into getting what she wants.  Example, if she wants  control of the tv she will ask you to get her some tea or milk and when you get up she steals your chair and the remote and doesn't give a hoot about the beverage you nicely brought her.

I could go on and on but that would be pointless.  Anyway, I am going to write Amazon a nice letter and see if they will consider replacing my poor Kindle again.  Moral of the story - Autism is expensive.  No I am not going to put a PAYPAL donate now button on my blog don't worry!


  1. Oh Bonnie. I feel your pain. I am trying desperately to understand the seemingly random fits Sarah throws. She will throw things, even things she wants, at people, and laughs when they react in pain. The next minute she will give you a huge hug and kiss, and bring you a book to read her. My dreams of a normal life for her melt away. Hugs to you friend.

  2. I feel for you.. My special needs daughter has dumped kitchen spices countless times.. Last Saturday took the cake..She dumped 80 % of the spices and all the K-cup coffee and made a mess with it and water in the kitchen..She's 14, ADHD and developmentally a 4-6 yr old..She rips books, and loves paper.. She has a Major paper fettish..Like your daughter she can't tell me what she is feeling and has the speech level of a 3 yr old..She has a hard time expressing her needs.. I feel for you..