Saturday, September 14, 2013

My mama bear is a bit on the red neck side . . .

Photo credit: kevin dooley / Foter / CC BY
***P C Disclaimer***
I do not mean to offend anyone ever at all but it may happen sooooo,
If you live in a trailer park, like trailer parks or aspire to live in a trailer park one day I am sorry if I offend you.  But hey, trailer parks are just funny in general aren't they?

All you mothers out there, have you met your mama bear?  She comes in handy.  She is the one that comes running when your kid needs help and you don't have time to think and this is a good thing.  She can save your kid's life, spare them pain, keep them from getting hurt or taken advantage of.  Just as nature intended, MB is an evolutionary masterpiece, oh crap did I just offend creationists with my use of the word evolutionary?  There is no way to be expressive and mildly humerous without offending someone . . .

See how annoying it is to be a people-pleaser?  Just saying that makes me want to throw up a little bit or atleast do the gag me sign like I frequently do to my kids when they tell me what stupid cutesy thing some pre teen snotty pants said at school that hurt their feelings that day.  People pleasing is for the birds and as I am now in my forties I am thankfully starting to leave it behind but its still hangs around and pops up now and then.  Hey guess what?  My momma was right when she said  over and over to me as I grew up "Everybody doesn't have to like you Bonnie."  True mom and I am sure they do not.  But seriously, I am not that bad am I?  (crickets)

So I woke up angry and that is unusual for me.  I am more of a morning person, coffee helps, but I have always been able to pop up with somewhat of a smile. When I woke up I remembered the dream I just had and it involved a mish mash of events surrounding my daughters at school this week.  Aformentioned pre teen snotty pants (PTSP from here out) had done something oh btw there are quite a few of them, and it hurt one of my girls as she often gets hurt by kids that don't understand her unique personality.  So I start daydreaming about what I would do and say if only it wouldn't get me arrested.  You can't tell off PTSP because it would get you in a heap of trouble.  I discovered what my mama bear wanted to do, what she always wants to do involves the bubbling up of just under the surface trailer park- potty mouth, uneducated venomous spew.  I never let her out of the cage so she gets p***ed off.  But she is most definitely nasty. 

I have dreamed of unleashing her on a teacher or coach here and there but having been a teacher and coach and actually on the receiving end of a REAL LIVE TRASHY momma bear or two, I relent.  It doesn't feel good.  It isn't Christian.   It's tacky and hurtful to people who may or may not deserve it.  Make no mistake - she is there inside most of us and she is a bit of a redneck even though I grew up in the suburbs of ATL.  I am so grateful to have kind-hearted kids, no they are far from perfect but they would never ever intentionally set someone else up to look foolish in front of her classmates.   I know this for a fact because I made it a point to teach them this, you have to.

Hey, have a great weekend people.  I will tuck my MB back in her cage and lock her up tight once again.  Probably she will get unleashed on some poor sweet nurse next time I am under anesthesia.  Gotta let her vent sometimes right? 


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