Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My washing machine

I am not sure if this post will be funny or even interesting, but I will try my best. You see My washing machine (which is like 12 years old and has already been fixed once by my amazingly self-trained-at fixing-random-things husband,) is broken. I am sooooo coveting those snazzy-lookin' matchy matchy front loaders with the commercial looking stands. I can't really justify the purchase in this economic climate however, I promise I would- use it use it wear it out, make it work or do with out'-to quote a phrase from WWII. Wait a minute, that's what I'm doing now with the old washer and dryer (the dryer has been revamp by my handiman as well.)

See I do like 2 loads a day minimum if I want to have any kind of a weekend. Unless I am pg with morning sickness and then I don't do any until my MIL or mom comes over and feels sorry for me. But since that won't be happening anymore ... I have no excuses, I try to be a fly baby but I can only take that attitude for so long before it makes me want to hurl. But I digress, I deserve to have the proper tools to take care of my family of seven but it ain't gonna happen due to the fact that my darn husband figured out what part needed replacing. BTW - I need a new lap top too, this one is missing some keys! Also notta happenin' . I very much want to quit wanting things but I guess its human nature. I need to become a Christian Buddhist , don't they tout the philosophy that all human suffering comes from attachment to things. Well I am technically attached to the idea that my kids need to wear clothes to school that don't have old ketchup stains on them so I guess I can't be a buddhist. If there ever was a household that would use and appreciate a heavy duty washer and dryer its this one. Unless you count the family with 18 kids but they have like a laundry floor complete with closets and maybe 5 washers and dryers. So I spent 30 bucks at the laundromat last week and the stuff wasn't even dry when I got home - not DRY!! or folded (shouldn't the machines do that too?) Really cool people hang out at laundromats, like the creepy stalker looking pseudo-nerd who shouldn't have to be there as long as he is since he has to be single so he wouldn't need to do more than one load? Or the mom whose kid is running around checking ALL the machines for change AGAIN. Other good times to be had at the washateria as my mom still calls it, The wonderful fumes of Bounce, mixed with chlorine bleach and burnt dryer lint. and that nice sticky icky feeling you get when you accidently touch any surface including the change machine. I used three of the super-mega washing machines, each holds four loads and costs 5.25 per shot. I did 12 loads then and tryed to shove them into two dryers thinking I would save money? The more wet clothes the longer it takes to dry so I didn't end up saving myself any thing at all! Hmpff! I just need to take it in stride, The part should arrive tomorrow and I can go back to doing my 2-3 loads a day and eventually catch up once more. I read an article in an inspirational magazine that struck a chord and it literally said "if you have a washing machine that works- be thankful! Well I don't but I am still thankful because we have clothes to be washed and I "cant" do any washing right now so that leaves some time free to do things like dishes or post on a blog about how much I need a new washer !

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