Friday, August 7, 2009

Random thoughts by Bonnie - Hip Hop music

Ok, so today I just want to say something about Hip Hop music. I was in my car, ALONE, a rare occurrence indeed, when I flipped to a station that occasionally plays hip hop and this insanely moronic song came on. All I heard was "Let's do it, do it - do do do do do it, it, it it it. Uhhh, is that the dumbest thing I have ever heard? Well, if it isn't it has to come in a close second. I just changed the station. I have no time for that, no patience for the crude areas of life, that is except for the ones I must deal with such as that gross space between the toilet and the wall behind it or the back of the vegetable drawer that has been neglected so long that the squash has liquefied. Did I just say that? OK, yes that has really happened to me, I am not the perfect homemaker but I am getting better with age.
Back to the hip hop song, I actually appreciate that genre of music for its rhythm and creativity. I don't listen to it on a regular basis being a conservative, caucasian mini-van-driving mom of five but hey, I still like a good song and I used to dance a lot back in the day when my jeans were two sizes smaller. In the old millennium. But PULEEEZE, why crank out crap like that? I hate the misogynistic and crude aspects of some hip hop. Call me a dork but I like Will Smith type stuff, no foul language, its not necessary in a really good song. So I decided I would no longer listen to hip hop in English, I will try french. I hear it's pretty good. But then I remembered that I know just enough french to ruin it for me. I could figure out when they were being crude. I just had a brilliant moment, I officially switch to Japanese hip hop. The only word I know in Japanese is cooneachewah (phonetically spelled of course) it's some kind of greeting. Sadly I learned this from watching Hannah Montana. Oh well, I may not be cultured but I appreciate it just the same!

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