Monday, August 3, 2009

What's for dinner? Apple Crisp

The other night I started getting nostalgic for fall and why you might ask? Well my kids are back in school already. They get a week off in October which is really nice and then one in February which is the pits but that is where the early start date derives from.

So whenever I get that feeling I like to bake things with apples. I am getting better at this too. I learned to bake with firmer types of apples if you want to bite into it and softer sweeter apples if you want it to sortof melt in your mouth. Fuji and Gala are melty kinds of apples by the way. I used an apple called Golden Delicious. I'm pretty sure that was the name, it worked well and was firm. You can also mix apple types for pies and crisps. It had a topping like oatmeal/sugar cookie. Very good I'd say. Well, I am now looking forward to pumpkin farms and cider but I hate to rush time. That's how you miss neat little things. I must say I have never been a big fan of August, very little to love about that month down here in the south. Oh, I found a neat little web site which I haven't investigated fully but it looks promising and goes right along with my topic
It has 7 meals listed each week. It also lets you create a grocery list and add your own things to it before you print - How cool is that?! And it has creative family ideas. Love it! I bookmarked it as soon as I came across it. Ok, I'm out, you guys have a great night!

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