Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank God in all things

I am not a scripture quoter.  Nothing against it.  I am just terrible at memorizing things and so I tend to get them wrong a lot.  But I do like this verse.  Right now I am going to go look up where this came from. . . Ok, I couldn't find it?  Anyone out there who knows what verse that is please shoot it my way.  Allison if you are reading this, please comment the name of the author who wrote the story about the Nazi camp and the fleas? 
   Well my point with this post is to share with you that I am indeed learning to be thankful to God in all things.  Even the yucky ones.  Not that I am, for instance happy that my daughter has Autism but her having it sure has enriched my life with true friendships, and expanded ability for compassion and empathy, humility, lifelong lessons in unconditional and sometimes unrequited love (or so it seems.) hope for the future, the capacity to see outside myself and my little world and my petty inconvieniences or discomforts. 

I know so many people say how thankful they are for this and that but I want to be specific.  I want to thank some people without embarrassing them so I will just use intitals or nick names.  If I leave someone out, I will catch you on round two because I am sure I will think of a bunch more after I post this.
To my mom- thanks for having me, for not dropping me off at DFCS even if I deserved it, for having faith that I would mature and we would be good friends one day and for being the best person to teach me how to make other people feel comfortable.  You gave me good social skills and they have come in handy through the years.  You have no idea how important you are to the world.  Thanks for being my cheerleader and putting up with all my drama as a teenager! I know whenever I feel like no one else understands what I am going through that you do because you've been there already. 

To my dad - thanks for having the sense of humor required to survive life with firstly, 3 sisters, then with 3 daughters (and a son!) It has come in handy and has taught me to not take myself so seriously.  Thanks for being a good example with your committment to the Lord even though I am not as good as you when it comes to Holy Days or abstinence from meat!  Thanks for being the best, most fun grandpa!

To my brother - thanks for letting me annoy you all those years but you get what you give right?  You are one of my favorite members of the male species somewhere after my husband and sons but before Hugh Grant and the Pope.

To my sister on Earth - thanks for looking up to me, Aww come on you know you do!  And thanks for being my ally against the other half of our siblings when war was waged in our youth.  You have a sweet heart and I know God has good things in store for you!

To my sister in Heaven - thanks for sharing your life with me and for leaving me all the reminders of you through the years that now as I find them, seem so poignant. Such as the inscriptions you wrote to my children in the books you gave them as gifts or the song you wrote just for them which sounds as though you knew years ago you wouldn't be here to watch them grow up but wanted them to know you loved them anyway.  You were the most fun and I hope I had something to offer you in return.

To my sister in law - I don't think I could have hand picked a better spouse for my goofy brother if I was given the task.  Thanks for reigning him in, thanks for being a best friend and for loving my kids. I always wondered if he would marry someone I couldn't stand and luckily that wasn't the case!  One day we will get the chance to actually do fun stuff without little people around!

To my Granddaddy - you are my favorite 91 year old man in the world and since you wont read this I will just say that you have given me hope that I have inherited your families longevity gene and I can't wait to celebrate your first Century birthday!  Oh and thanks for serving our country so long ago.

To my Mother in Law- I couldn't have survived these last 7 years without you and as it turns out God knew what he was doing when he only gave you one boy to raise.  He knew you need to conserve your energy for quadruplet grandchildren that would be in your future.  Thanks for continuing to be such a tremendous help even after we surprised you with baby number five which you thought I was certifiable for having but it has turned out to be a good thing ehh?  Thanks for giving me a husband who loves and respects me. You're the best MIL in the world though I do hope to never have another one he he!

To my Aunt D.  thanks for becoming an extra grandma to my kids and thanks for taking all us crazy kids on those summer trips.  How did you stand having so many preteens together at one time?

To my Aunt E.  You are one of the sweetest women in the world.  Thanks for being such a good listener and such a good example of an unselfish life of service to your loved ones.  So glad we have become close.

To my Aunt J thanks for making me feel special during my childhood and teen years when I was having Middle Child Syndrome.  I always looked forward to spending time with you at the beach or at your house during our trips to Mobile.  I haven't forgotten.  Also, thanks for having 5 kids so I am not the only one with that number in the family!

To my Aunt M.  Thanks having more kids than me, and thanks for giving me a Maureen to play with! You are a sweet soul with infinite patience and more wisdom than you are given credit for!

To my cousin Mo - thanks for everything except being skinnier than I can ever hope to be.  Thanks for being fun and on my side.  The Bay will always make me think of you and Grandpa the most.

To my kids - you are my whole world.  Thanks for showing up even if we had to wait years for you to get here!  There are no words to describe what you are to me so I won't try.  I will save that for another day and just for you.

Ok so I need to end this as it sounds like I am planning on taking leave but really I am not, I just feel strongly that people need to be told what you love about them while you're here!  Next post will be on friends.
Maybe you can tell someone how you really feel this Christmas season?  You won't be sorry and neither will they, unless of course you plan on telling them off that is.

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