Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here we go again- Happy Halloween 2009

So last night we went out in the rain and cold and tromped through the wet leaves on a candy hunt with our five kiddos. What is up with the tootsie roll this year? I must have 3000 of those darn things in my house. They outnumber the other confections 3 to 1. I mean nothing against the chocolate chewiness, but they aren't REALLY chocolate. They do in a pinch but I grow tired of their presence and my jaw is sore from eating them anyway. Oh where are my elastic waist pants? Wait I am not 60 years old and therefore do not purchase my clothes from the Blair Catalogue yet, those lucky seniors. Do they realize how good they have it- no longer having to fulfill society's expectations of fashion? I being the stay at home mom fashionista must at least wear jeans. Oh well, such is life. Wait I think I started this post with another purpose. Oh yes my cute little darlings. Here are some shots of the costumes which have absolutely nothing to do with each other or anything else I have said thus far. There is a connection to the candy I suppose. Aren't they cute? Dad was a trooper as well. I used to dress them in some kind of theme like 3 little pigs and a wolf or different colored M & Ms but no longer it’s too hard and I am too tired to be that creative. I will try to find old shots and put them all together (but you do realize that will never happen I hope.) Have a great November and I will try to post a bit more this month.


  1. (I agree about tootsie rolls)The kids look great. I gave up on the matching costumes, too, and it bothers the heck out of me to see them all mis-matched, but they sure do love the freedom of picking their own out and it definitely makes it easier (or as easy as it ever could be getting all those kids ready.)

  2. You are so funny.
    Your kids are adorable and you are a terrific mom.