Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musings of a Wal Mart Shopper

We have no idea what it really means to be inconvenienced do we?  I mean yes, sure, when my two year old decides to explode his diaper just as I am checking out - that is an inconvenience.  And maybe when my Aunt from Alaska calls just as I am drifting off into a delirious and happy nap experience - inconvenient.  But really, take the Wal Mart experience . . . Love it or hate it, you have convenience as a way of life now.  Most people live only a short distance from one of these mega discount retailers. 

Up and down the aisles you can wander and find nearly everything you want in one store.  You can ponder the important questions of life - Does it make me a bad person if I don't buy the detergent that cost 2 dollars extra and sends its profits to Haiti or Katrina Victims? (no, I prefer to send my donations directly and buy the cheaper detergent)  And the less important . . . Do I really want my armpits to smell like Cherries?  Yes they have that "flavor."

I really don't like considering myself a Wal Mart Shopper but alas with 5 kids it is inevitable.  HOWEVER, were I to win the lottery you would probably never find me on the inside of one again just to avoid the random weirdness that occasionally crosses your path there.  Does that make me a bad person?  Don't answer that. Now let's see I am thinking lemon might be the right choice. . .

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