Sunday, July 4, 2010

HBOT Session #1

Tomorrow morning Doodle and I will start her first "dive" in the hyperbaric chamber.  I am learning as I go but here is what I know so far:

~It is used on brain damaged victims (such as those in car accidents)
~used on diabetics and others with non healing wounds
~used on divers who acquire the bends
~used on kids with autism who theoretically have areas of the brain not being used due to a possible lack of oxygen perhaps during birth?

~I have heard it can have fantastic results with decreasing behaviors that are undesirable. 
~There is some scientific proof of positive results out there yet it is not approved by the FDA or whatever governmental body regulates such things.
~it is fairly expensive for being experimental, or maybe all experimental treatments are expensive since insurance won't touch them.
`Its probably the only thing we haven't tried to help my daughter.  She is seven now and a well-respected Psychiatrist in the field once told me that when she turned 7 the therapies quit working as well.  Makes me feel panicky and sad but still hopeful.

I believe in miracles, even small ones.  I will still believe in them even if this turns out to be a big waste of money.

I will keep you posted if you are interested.  I plan to take some short videos of me asking her social questions which we have been practicing under ABA therapy every day or two and will post anything interesting that happens.  Feel free to follow our journey.  I am excited and optimistic yet tempered with realism and nagging random voices from science professors in my past!  Prayers are much appreciated as always.


  1. i look forward to hearing all about it and i will be praying for positive results. you are an amazing mommy and Doodle is fortunate to have you fighting on her side! i pray that God will continue to bless your family in amazing and abundant ways!

  2. Bonnie, I pray for you and your kiddies! I hope everything turns out well and with good news! You have lots of inner strength girl, and your kids are lucky to have you! Stay strong!

  3. All my fondest wishes for results much closer to a miracle than to a big waste of money. We cover stories like yours at HyperbaricLink (, where we're fascinated but not wholly persuaded about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism. So many inspiring successes, though. Go, Doodle!

  4. I've often wondered if my son's birth had anything to do with his autism. He had a very long cord, which was wrapped around his neck and foot tightly at birth. He was blue and not responsive. The pediatricians gave him an 8 and 9 APGAR score, but I have no idea why. He looked awful, not at all like his sister who was pink and got 8 and 9 scores.