Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey! I'm back!

Well I guess I took a hiatus for the end of summer/back to school season.  I really miss writing here.  I don't want to be one of those bloggers who has nothing to say but continues to post anyway :) 

Update on Pauli :  We are about to finish our last three dives in the Hyperbaric Chamber and I will give my more definitive opinion on the whole experience at that time.  And answer some questions like - would I do it again?  Did it really help?  So if you're interested look for that at the end of next week.

I am really trying to get my act in gear right now.  I have big plans to get my house cleaned and organized before Christmas (quit yawning) and I need to get on a better schedule at the gym.

I have to say, as to the rest of my kids, SECOND GRADE IS AWESOME SO FAR!  I really feel that they have teachers more suited to their personalities.  Teachers with patience, kindness and an appreciation for their differences and strengths.  This year we split the quads up a bit more. 

This is always a big questions with multiples, DO you split them up or keep them together?  Thank goodness a law was passed a few years ago to give the parents the right to choose since they know best how their kids function.  Thankfully, differentiation is becoming a common mindset among educators and lest you scratch your brain at that reference I will explain:  In the past ALL multiples were treated like they came out of the same box. "We must split all multiples apart into separate class rooms no matter what their parents say or there will be a crack in the space-time continuum!"  Now, we decide because guess what?  I know that little Johnny and Jeffy get on each others nerves but little Sissy needs Johnny to help her make friends and shield her from some cruelness directed at her due to her smallness and shy personality, etc.   (by the way, not my kids real names!)

Anyway, I have Doodle in her same class which is perfect for her with awesome Ms. Andrews for the third year!  Her two sisters wanted to stay together and so they are while their brother wanted to try out things on his own and need to be in the FOCUS class anyway so that worked out well. 

Me and the little man are to be found most days at the gym, park and or grocery store.  I have joined the crazy coupon world order now and thanks to a couple of websites such as Southern Savers we are now saving quite a bit and I have stockpiled my pantry and freezer.  I had no clue how much I was really spending and now I have no excuse!  Look into it.  If I can do the system with my crazy life then anyone can.  One day I will conquer freezer cooking.

Update on book writing:  I have written, yes written two children's stories and am waiting patiently on my dear busy brother to illustrate them before I send them off to prospective agents.  If anyone knows anyone in the business who can offer advice please send them my way.  I have a couple other ideas I am working on that have to do with my Pauli and my family in general.  Have a great day!! 

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  1. Just wanted to let you know from reading your blog I looked into HBOT for my son with CP. I then found someone else that was doing it in my area that lead me to a place about 45 minutes from my house that does it for free! He completed dive number 5 today of 60. :-)