Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Umm Hi people

Say, I would like more blogs to read and I would like more little tiny pictures of people who read my blog on my page (makes me feel better.) So send me your links and put your little picture under my followers page!
My words of wisdom for today: Do not choose the night when one of your quads is going to have a stomach virus to be the night you try and get your 11 month old spoiled baby boy to go back to sleep in his own crib instead of your warm cozy bed. Here is what my night was like, and I am telling you this so that tonight when you retire to your baby-free beds (except a couple of you I know!) You will lay back and dreamily drift off thinking "ahhh I am so glad I don't have 5 year old quadruplets who aren't great sleepers to deal with tonight or ever, I am so happy I didn't dabble in attachment parenting and co-bedding when I wasn't fully committed or know what I was doing, I am so glad I don't have a daughter who howls when someone wakes her up with their own screaming - I - AM-GOING-TO-THROW-UP!!!!" I feel all you readers cringing and tensing up as you read this so . . . STOP THAT - it isn't real, you are just reading my blog, relax. No I am not crazy just severly sleep deprived. Why am I not in bed now you ask? Because I am stupid or just need a minute to unwind. I will be there shortly I promise. Anyway, Here is what happened:

I stayed up doing something trivial last night and time got away from me and it was 11 when I turned in. I tossed until maybe 11:30 or later then my daughter comes in crying about her tummy and sits in the bathroom for an hour. This wakes up the sleeping baby, so I nurse him and put him back in crib instead of our bed so I can help my girl, well we had decided that tonight he needed to start staying in his crib because an almost one year old doesnt need to be nursed back to sleep 3 times each night, as he has for the last well, 11 months. I am tired man. And, he wailed for an hour the whole time I am thinking, I am the most horrible mother in the world ignoring him, well Roy was with him and kept laying him down telling him to go to sleep Nicely of course. He must have done that about 200 times before he took the hint and passed out. This was during the 1 oclock hour. This in turn woke up daughter 2 and she got up and stood in the hall howling until I came in and got in bed with her and tummy acher. She didn't go to sleep by 23o and I finally got up and slowly left the room waiting for her to protest, she didn't so I gladly lay in my own bed.
230 - 430 SLEEP!
430 The tummyacher comes running in my room delivering her line (see caps above) then doesn't make it to the toilet of course. and keeps wanting to tell me that she is going to throw up again while I keep yelling put your face over the potty! She finally does and does. Then cleanup commences, baby wakes up screaming, I am cleaning floor and then daughter in tub complete with second hairwashing in less than 6 hours. Roy gets up and searches for carpet cleaner machine his parents gave us as a gift last year (THANK YOU SHIRLEY!) I am laughing now bc if you came in my house right now you would most definitely say, this woman does not own anykind of carpet cleaner! Okay that would be from the stomach virus of '05 and I can't do anything about that now but get new family room carpet! So Roy starts cleaning and I am dealing with baby and older daughter praying doodle won't take this opportunity to wake up restate her protest on all the noise by joining in (she doesn't!) Then I remember that I was supposed to have a coffee date with my favorite Starbucks buddy Jen D. and now that is shot and that it is the first day back at school so I would have gone to the gym and Kroger etc now also shot. Geegaflutnik! How selfish am I? My poor little girl wretching and all I can think about is my stupid, expensive, yuppy coffee. What kind of mom does that?
I guess I do, sometimes.
I then realize that this is what God put me here for, exactly these kind of moments, when all hell brakes loose, when I see the best come out in my husband who doesn't complain and the worst come out of my daughter, literally! We are a family pulling together to get through a night of hellish proportion and then Roy will get up and go to work so we can pay the bills, I will trudge along with my weary soul saying why me God? but knowing the answer (okay, no I really don't know the answer but doesn't that sound like the appropriate "writer has a revelation line to deliver" moment?) WHATEVER! It just is what it is and we all go through it eventually, some of us more often than others. I love my kids and my husband and my God. I love my life most days, not today, but I did get a nice drizzly day nap in the bed with the tummyacher who got over her aliments by noon . I knew this because it was like someone turned a switch on and she started talking nonstop about everything and wanting to eat again, I was like "Whoa Nelly, slow down take it easy, lets try Sprite and crackers."
Lord how I can run on a paragraph. No body cares in blog world and no teacher will grade me so I am going to leave it as is. If Roy reads this he will let me know.
I will close now, I don't know if this has made any sense. If I keep writing such long nonsensical posts no one will read them anymore! Have a good night. And send one my way too!
Reader update: As I am turning off my computer Roy walks in holding his stomach -yikes - its going to be a long night.


  1. I'm so glad that I'm one of your tiny little pictures because you are a great writer and I so enjoy your take on things. Hang in there (and needing stupid, expensive, yuppy coffee with a friend makes you a BETTER mom in my book.)

  2. Oh no :( Well, I think you're onto the right idea when you wrote you are where you are in life for "exactly these kind of moments, when all hell breaks loose." Yup. And in a year or two you'll look back on January 2009 & have no memory of that night. It was just another day, another illness & another time your mommy-abilities (Roy's daddy-abilities) were put to the test & everyone survived :)

    P.S. I hope you don't get sick too!!!