Friday, March 13, 2009

All I really want right now . . .

Its Friday, ahhh what that used to mean -
no work, no school, no housework or laundry, a date with my husband or friends and sleeping in the next morning, maybe a party to look forward to or shopping at the mall with unspoken for cash, running with my dog etc.

Here is what it means now -
-getting up early anyway because the baby thinks breakfast is at 5 AM everyday
-getting up early for baseball pictures which start at 8-freakin AM?????
-trying to understand why our softball coach thinks anyone would want to add a third softball event to the same day (pictures, practice game and practice game) Huh, she has no life or maybe just less than 5 children
-being stuck in the house with five no make that 6 cranky kids if you count DH when it rains and having to feed them
-still doing just as much laundry as weekdays or risk having a terrible laundry make up monday session
- wanting desperately to order pizza but not due to daughter being on Gluten and Casein free diet that everyone swears works but doesn't (Pizza is her fave and mine too.)
- Having to fix and feed everyone 3 times a day instead of twice.
-having to listen to myself complain in my head when I can't get to the blog to do it.
-imagining how great my friends lives are at the moment because of course they have to be better than mine!
okay, thats it I am through for a moment, hope you enjoyed my SUPERFUN ATTITUDE!

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