Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cyber Socializing

Okay, admit it - most of you (ahem - us) enjoy time wasting with cyber-socializing. Pretty harmless and only a bit addictive but a relatively new phenomenon, (I like to use big words!) Anyway, I am finding it more and more necessary to get through my day. I carry my Crackberry, I mean Blackberry in my pocket and marvel at the little snippits of info I get from friends or "friends" from days past.
I love getting "friended" by people, but it cracks me up when its someone from high school, usually in my year, whom I never even spoke to or atleast don't remember doing so. Must we all be friends? Do I still have to play nice and let everyone into my little cyberworld or is it okay to be exclusive? I was pondering this questions recently when I decided to weed out my friend list. Not to be mean at all, just to par down or simplify my life in this tiny area I have control over. So on Facebook I cut maybe 5 or 10 people whom I never exchanged messages with because I don't really care that they are bowling with their sister in law or the fact that they are going to Hawaii and just want to make all of us non-Hawaii goers jealous (it worked) or maybe they are having a baby - nahh I always think that is cool to hear about! But anyway, I weeded and then started getting refriended (I think I just invented new Facebook lingo) by the same person over and over and I just kept ignoring it. Not because I didn't like her, I don't even really know her anymore, well never did, we just happened to graduate together. I found it odd and annoying that she kept pestering me so I dug my heels in and finally blocked her completely. Why? Why does she care? That is so weird. My point, and I do have one, is that this new time sucker FB has its own rules and strangly enough, politics just like everything else. Like my mom always said, you have to use your social skills, even on FB. I was going to go into Twitter but I fear I may bore some of you so I will leave that for another day. My last thought is that I am getting to live vicariously through the postings of my favorite group of students who are now in their mid twenties, they are my cheerleading squad from my teaching days. I laugh at the things they post, one is in England, one is in Egypt, one in Miami, etc. They are completely grown up but I keep getting shocked when they allude to some not-for-adolescents behavior and of course they are not adolescents anymore, they are adults, at least on paper! Have a good night.

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  1. Good for you for unfriending them! That is the first thing I'm going to do on Easter. I am shocked that they try to friend you again though. I guess you can't go to your high school reunion now...