Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Mornings

Evidently I love to make lists as posts because here is another one:

Things I love about Saturday mornings-

I love that there is always the potential, though seldom the reality, that I just might might get to sleep in till 7 AM.

I love that I don't have to start the day yelling at little people who refuse to put on their shoes, gulp down their breakfast or brush their teeth until I threaten them with some random punishment that I seldom carry out (hmm could this be the problem?)

I love that they get excited over cartoons although they don't know the excitement we knew in the 70's and 80's as we had no 24 hour Cartoon Network. It was pretty much Saturday morning from sun up till WWF or Godzilla came on and that was it.

I love the memory of my moms homemade pancakes, my kids could only be so lucky.

I love it especially when we have nothing on the books for the day and Dad doesn't have some school function to attend.

I love that the baby has now learned to entertain himself and is not quite mobile unless you count rolling across the floor to get where he wants. Wait, that has nothing to do with Saturday morning but I will include it anyway.

I love that I have time to blog.

I love that my parents are here and there is endless entertainment for the kids. I might get to take a shower before noon!

I like the word Saturday. It evokes feelings of relief and fun.

I like that I might get to do something besides laundry, groceries, cooking, picking up dropping off or running around.

I like to pretend I am still single and in my 20's with no responsiblity except to decide what party, movie or restaurant to go to and with whom on a Saturday night. Remember that?

Have a great Saturday filled with cartoons, sleep and lots of syrup!

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