Friday, October 10, 2008

I already have all I need . . .

So today I have an unprecedented hour or so to myself. Yayuh, I know unbelievable. So I try to take a nap, which I desperately needed,no go. I just can't do it. Can't force myself to get sleepy and shut out the world. My body won't let me. So I decide to get up and do something constructive (don't you hate that word? As if the other things we do are what, destructive? No that's what my kids do.) So I think, "I am going to clean out these drawers in my bathroom vanity." We moved into this house a week before my quads turned two and I remember throwing some things in the drawers thinking, "I'll just stuff this in here for now and organize it later." Well my kids will be 6 this April so you do the math. So there I am pitching expired drugs and samples of lotion that no longer smell like rasberries, they smell rancid, travel size stuff uhh when was the last time I need that? Visine drops from when I was a teacher (pre-children) dried up face clothes and old mascara, I find about a hundred elastic hairbands from when I had long hair and wore ponytails 24/7, I was just thinking of buying a new pack too because my daughters are always needing them and I can never find any! I find 5 packs of dental floss because everytime I decide to start up the habit again it has been so long that I forgot I had any at home. Does that make me gross? and 6 bottles of eye make up remover (I don't wear eye make up, okay maybe mascara a couple times a month.) Random tangent - whenever I take the time to put on mascara or brush my hair people really notice and it is makes me think - I must really look like something out of a swamp if they compliment me on mascara. Back to the issue at hand, and my point which I promise exists, I threw out two thirds of the drawers contents. I found a box of tooth whitening strips which were hugely expensive when I first purchased them, didn't use them because they were messy and made your mouth taste like blech, nastiness there are no adjectives adequate to capture, and I start thinking hmm why didn't I use these and should I throw it out? So I try them on and suddenly remember why I quit using them. The phone rings and I answer but I don't take them out because I have to wait ten minutes and I can't waste the strips! So it is one of my dear friends telling me she can't meet me for dinner and I continue to have a conversation with her forgetting that I have a bleach induced speech impediment until the drool from trying not to swallow the blech-bleach starts running down my chin, gross. My friend doesn't mind. That is why I know she loves me! So I go back to my drawer-cleaning thinking dang I wanted to see her but look at my nice drawers! I have beautiful drawers, have finished a project I started almost 4 years ago, a friend or two who loves me and a family that is amazing. There maybe a recession going on but when you have all that plus 5 spools of dental floss, what more can you ask for? By the way, anyone need any eye make up remover?


  1. You should have started blogging a long time ago Bonnie. I can't imagine what else you could come up with if you can make cleaning out a bathroom drawer so funny!

  2. Hello friend! This blog is great. Thank you for the kind words.I am bummed I missed dinner - I call a do over. man this post had me laughing so loud that the kids came running. The mental image of you with whitening strips is hysterical and I got to hear you talk with them on!
    See you soon (can't wait to see those pearly whites!).