Thursday, October 9, 2008

My life in a nutshell

So today I realized for the first time that no one has a clue what my life looks like from the inside, okay maybe that women in California with the 5 year old quads, one of whom has autism and the 8 month old baby and the husband who is a high school administrator, the mother in law with breast cancer and the crazy Golden Retriever who was supposed to be a therapy dog but turned out to be a great big pain in the a**. Oh yep wait, she doesn't exist! But I also know that no one knows what anyones life looks like from the inside because well, we aren't inside. Sometimes I have to remind myself that what looks like rudeness, nosiness, annoying lameness on the part of someone outside my life looking in, is just plain ole innocent ignorance. I mean that in a kind way (sortof.) So when school officials screw up things that have to do with getting my special needs daughters papers and plans in order do I pitch a big redneck fit? No, because well, firstly I am not a redneck. I grew up west of the Snellville line. (Understand I now live in Loganville and the line has most definitely moved east say to Monroe, sorry Monroe - we all know you've gotten a Starbucks but you ain't quite there yet.) And Secondly, I understand the world is not ending because said school official's blunder will only cause me a few hours worth of unnecessary waiting at another Dr's office to prove that my perfect-visioned daughter can, in fact, see. Isn't she cute by the way? I call this one Queen of the McNuggets.


  1. You crack me up, Bonnie. :-)

    She is cute except for all that red DAWG stuff she is wearing.

    What the...

    War Eagle!

  2. I know it couldn't be helped, I gave up fighting that one. He has brain washed them all! Just yesterday I was sitting on the couch with Pauli and out of nowhere she starts "GOOOOOO DAWGS sick em woof woof woof." At least Skyla will say "War Dawgs!+

  3. Hi! Ran across your blog as I was looking for the tag "autism". I'm a southerner, too (Originally from Tucker, GA!) and my 3 year old son has just been diagnosed. Nice to "meet" you :)