Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Wish List

Here is my list of things that would make my life fantanstic . . . (Besides the usual winning of the lottery wish!)

I wish my children were self-cleaning like my oven.

I wish school cafeteria lunches were mandatory and free!

I wish my dog would poop in one spot in the yard and then bury it like a cat.

I wish my husband suddenly decided he hated hunting and told me it was time I took up an expensive and fun, time consuming hobby for weekends between now and Jan 1st.

I wish my rednecks-with-money neighbors would remove all the yard art, Do they really need another concrete angel statue to go along with the giant fountain and the 5 concrete deer? (I am not usually a snob but it is getting on my nerves :)

I wish my children would remember to poop more than once a week saving me hours of repeating "well it wouldn't hurt so bad if you would go everyday or two!"

I wish my parents would suddenly decide to move close by and become 10 years younger so they could chase my kids around.

I wish my best friends on the other side of Atlanta would decide to move to Loganville.

I wish my church would tithe to me for being a member!

I wish Obama would stop saying the word CHANGE.

I wish Lost would start up before January.

I wish I had a remote control with a mute button for children.

I wish someone would find a cure for Cancer and Autism NOW!

I wish my new car had automatic headlights so the cops would quit bugging me about driving without my lights on! GEE GIVE ME A BREAK! he he

I wish it was against the law to give me a speeding ticket.

I feel a lot of pressure here to end this on a high note so I wish that pressure was gone.
I wish my husband would put the toilet seat down (he wishes I would leave it up)

I wish C sections came with free lipo (they're already in there so why not?)

I wish my baby would smile and say, you take a nap mom. I will feed myself.

I wish my lap top had all the keys it came with.

I wish I got paid to blog.

I wish I had a giant vacuum that I could put in my front door and it would magically suck all the dust from every surface in my house.

and finally,

I wish I could just appreciate how fun my life is and stop wishing for things that are never going to happen!!!!

Wishing anyone who reads this a great day!!


  1. I wish all your wishes would come true except for the hunting thing. It's cheaper than golf.

  2. You keep this up and you just might get paid to blog! You are funny!