Friday, December 12, 2008

Fantastic Friday

How cute are my kiddos? Very, is my biased opinion. This is just a random recent moment but it is getting harder and harder to catch them all together long enough to photograph.

If you are wondering if the relationship between multiples is different than typical siblings I would say yes and no. Yes, they tend to look out for each other in everyway and they want to be together pretty much 24/7 although when my big guy went to hang out with my nephews recently he was in heaven with all the boys around while my girls cried that he was gone and they didn't want him to miss out on anything fun we did like decorating cookies, (which I incidently ate most of.) I assured them that he was having fun of his own and wouldn't miss out. I would say no in that they still fight occasionally but far far less than my siblings and I did as kids. I do have mutliples friends whose kids fight a lot so I can't say for sure if that has anything to do with it. Here are some things they don't have:
Psychic powers
Their own language (well they did make up like two words when they were 3)
Any concept of birth order
Identical DNA (fraternal of course)
Similar gifts and abilities
They are as different as night and day, except they have the same birthday!
Jackaroo on the other hand is totally different than they were as a group or as individuals.
He thinks he is the center of The Universe and rightly so (for now!)
He thinks he lives in a circus (prerry much true.)
He thinks everything his siblings do is hilarious.
He thinks his mom is the bomb.
I am sure he is thinking a few other things and those will be revealed in time. I believe sooner rather than later as he will be talking a little quicker than they did with all the chatter he hears. Still haven't heard a momma out of him but the other day someone reminded me that once he started saying he would never stop so I am okay with him just saying Dada for now!
Have a Fantastic Friday and Merry Christmas! Oh by the way, in order to balance my negative post from the other day, I have a list of things I like at the very bottom of the page, just scroll down if you are so inclined!


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