Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy days are here again!

Well, in light of my very negative post yesterday, which I reread and cringed a bit but ultimately decided to leave online due to its truthfulness, in light of that I decided to lighten things up a bit with a post of pictures from our day of fun at the mall. Above is Pauli driving her new boat at Bass Pro Shop. The kids loved being able to climb around on those boats, I am sure the staff was watching us with trepidation but we took full advantage of this unconventional playground.
Here is one of Pop looking thrilled while the other kids ride the Merry Go Round. Notice how Jacks outfit is coordinated to match his new stroller, I always do that! Kidding that would be OCD for sure. I only have that occasionally.

Okay, this is something I would have loved as a kid but now makes me want to throw up. I didn't even like watching them enjoy it! They loved it and I was so glad I had to stay off and watch Jack. I used to be the queen of roller coasters but now I am not even sure I could do the Log Jamboree at Sick Flags, I mean Six Flags.

Again the look of Joy, and we did this after eating in the food court Pizza and Fries. How I have earned my Gold star mom of the year award today! Have you ever had one of those days where you just want them to be happy and not end up in the hospital? Let them eat, do and wear and say what they want, pretend not to see or hear the parts you don't like and just smile? Well today was that kind of a day. It works for me on occasion.

I hope they remember these years as fun and not with me always saying something like this:
Kid: "Mom can we do X, Y, or Z?"
Me: "No"
Me: "Because I have five kids and its tooooooo hard!"
So from then on my answer is either no or No bc I have 5 kids
I mean I use that as an excuse for everything,
Can we have Pizza?
No bc I have 5 kids?
Can we play at McD?
No five kids
Can we go to Walmart with you?
No 5
Etc, Ad Nauseum
Anyway, We had fun today and no one went to the hospital. It was all in all a success I'd say. When we got home with grandparents in tow (my in laws) I even whipped up the last batch of tollhouse cookies I will make this century bc in a few days I am back on weight watchers and I had to use up the last of my 16 lb bag of chips from Sam's. Ohhh they are so good I am eating them right now and the kids are asleep and you are reading this wishing I would share. Sorry! I will be paying for it later in Step class though. Have a Happy New Year, Can't wait for 09!

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