Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can you help me?

Instead of a typical post, I am going to write out all the questions I have in my head today and if anyone who reads this has an answer to one or all of them, I would love to hear it!

1. Why do fools fall in love?

2. What is the meaning of life?

3. Why will my son not eat anything but sweets?

4. Why won't my baby sleep like a baby?

5. Why do people feel like everyone in the world should act/dress/think/worship/recreate/live as they do?

6. Why can't I remember anything from all the Calculus and Physics classes I took at Auburn.

7. Why does my kids' pediatrician (whom I love as a person) keep telling me that vaccines are totally harmless, how can she be sure? She is willing to bet my baby's future neurological health on it when I have two little girls who have issues one major and one minor.

8. Why doesn't everyone know that many if not most of the vaccines that we push in the USA have patents owned by the CDC? Money, money, money . . . that's all I'm saying, oh that and yes I can see where a 2 lb baby needs a shot for an STD like Hep B? Or anybaby for that matter, how many drug using infants do you know, the moms are tested for Hep B so if it comes out negative, why give the shot so damn early? (Sorry sore spot)

9. Why do all the Catholic churchs now use contemporary Christian music instead of traditional Catholic Hymns which are very beautiful, especially at Christmas?

10. Why can't I use the bathroom without someone talking to me from the hallway?

11. Why wasn't I born with some amazing talent like music or the ability to use alchemy to create gold?

12. Why do I find it so difficult to find time to pray (and without falling asleep?)

13. How is it possible that I have so many wonderful friends?

14. Why did it take my husband so long to start his own blog, he is one of the best writers I know!

15. Why ask Why?

16. Who wrote the book of love?

17. Why can't I stop eating chocolate?

18. Why wasn't I born with a fast metabolism?

19. How do I answer my daughter when she asks the following questions -

"Mommy why doesn't God give all the children in the world enough food to eat?" or "Mommy why doesn't Santa give all the poor kids toys like we get?" "Mommy, how did baby Jack get in your tummy?"

Followed quickly by "Mommy how did the Dr get baby Jack OUT of your tummy?"

20. Why am I up on the computer when I could be catching up on sleep? (I can answer this one, I drank too much Coke and I enjoy the quiet!

OK people - I'm waiting????


  1. Surely you don't want me to start talking bad about vaccines ;) says the mom whose 18month old has had only one vax so far (at 15mos) & whose older two children have actually survived the horrors of... chicken pox!

    Seriously though, about the ped's -
    1. They get a check-up billing every three months for the first two years of your child's life b/c there's at least one shot to give at every appointment so you HAVE to come in (how convenient.) There's no way they seriously care about the weight & height percentile of your child, as long as they know you're not starving the poor kid. I often get the non-verbal attitude of "why are you here if your kid isn't getting a shot? That's the point of the visit."
    2. The shots are highly profitable to the doctors office. It's good business to keep the kids all on-schedule.
    3. No, I'm sorry to say it, but your doctor does not care about the individual health of your child. Vaccines are meant to protect a population from widespread outbreaks. It's the CDC's view & not the parent's view that matters in this case. That's why you have to sign government forms when you opt-out.

    Ugh, see what you made me do! :-P

  2. And ya know what else? My too-long comments always dissuade other people from posting their own remarks. Sorry. Thread-killer on the loose!