Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To sleep or not to sleep

Okay, I know that picture has nothing to do with the title but it is a cute picture of 3 of my kids and their cousin, he is my first cousin once removed - I don't know what that makes him to my kids but I bet you are sitting there right now thinking, How does she understand that whole cousin-labeling system? Well I don't really but I did find out a while back that all those little people I thought were my 2nd cousins are really my first once removed's. I read it somewhere.
He is cute, He can drive his parents golf cart and he is not even as old as my kids! This picture is taken at my almost 90 year old granddads "farm" And I add the quotes because he has two cows and two goats but to me that's a farm. Sure smelled like one anyway. Ripe.
So back to the sleeping thing,
I am not getting any. My baby has achieved about 5 milestones this week and sleep is not on his list. He can now stand up and that seems to be more important than sleep, also, he has not figured out how to sit down so you know how that goes. He started clapping, trying to talk a little, blow raspberries, and still likes to nurse at 2:30, 4 and 5 AM.
I am only tolerating this because he is the last one. I am torn between the whole Cry it out- Baby Wise Vs. Co-bedding Dr. Sears attachment parenting thing. IF you don't understand that controversy you can Google it. I won't get into it, I can't take a side, I am on the fence like my kids in the picture - Aaahaa there is the catch and reason for my using that picture!! See how clever I am?
I will say that I did Baby Wise with my quads, had to no choice. The baby who was the hardest to get to sleep and had to cry it out for a week staight is my very best sleeper to this day. She is the only one who stays in bed all night and doesn't come up with excuses to get in mom and dads bed because her nose is running etc. She prays every night that God will give her good dreams and I so hope he hears her on that. What a sweet prayer. What a sweet little girl.
I chose to be more liberal, Freebird, Hemp wearing mamma style with Jack. He is it so I just want to spoil him and I have. Or maybe this is just how singletons act? He is a terrible sleeper. I start him out in his crib after I nurse him to sleep at say 7 or 8. I tip toe out and he does ok until about 11pm then I nurse him again and let him stay in our bed so I can just go to sleep. I might get in a couple of hours but then he wakes at say 2:30 on and off until 6 AM Nothing satisfies him! How many 10 month olds get to nurse 3-4 times a night! I am doing something so wrong. He is not that into babyfood he eats twice a day and he is a big guy, like 25 pounds. And the teeth, the darn teeth they aren't any fun for me, I will leave it at that. Oh well, I haven't gotten enough sleep in over a year and a half. I miss it so. I don't even dream anymore because you have to be out for a certain amount of time for those to occur. It wasn't this bad with the four because they were sleeping through the night by 4 months! Okay, I will try to close on a positive note. I know I will look back on this and laugh one day. I already miss my sweet baby boy, he is turning into a little man right before my eyes. I might even plan his February birthday party someday. Maybe I will ask Santa for a long winter's nap for Christmas. To all a good night (especially me!)


  1. That's what you should ask for for Christmas...8 hours of sleep IN A ROW. At least it doesn't cost much.
    Take care sweetie!

  2. I have some easy "recommended reading" on this topic, if you're interested... and yes, Jude (well, Lilia too) still nursed a lot during the night at 10mos, but since he's in our bed & I don't actually have to fully wake up to take care of him, I don't know how often & it didn't disrupt my sleep. At 18mos he still needs it once in a while but has learned - of his own accord - to just go back to sleep when he wakes up. It will get better :) (((hugs)))