Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things that bug me

Well, if you are reading this then you are gonna get what the title says, a list of things that bug me. I just want to give fair warning to anyone that wants to bail out now. Okay, here goes . . .

I am annoyed by rudeness, especially when its by people who don't even know you, like say people who work behind fast food counters or at retail stores. I realize they may not like their jobs but no ones chaining them down there. Find a new job if you don't like it!

Loud-mouths, people who think they know everything or want to top your story no matter what you say, next time you come across one of these types just say "oh yea, well last year I had an ingrown toenail and the dr told me my toe would have to come off" When they start to give you a run down on their last podiatrist visit cut them off and say " yea well my toe nail got infected with that MRSP and the dr only gave me 2 weeks to live . . . in fact, I am over due to expire, if you'll excuse me." As you dash off.

Boring people come in close second but fortunately, I am finding most people really aren't boring. Everyone has a story to tell, something interesting about themselves or their families that makes them unique. Boring people are just not talking about the right things. What is your unique story?, I am sure you already know mine. Yes, I have quads, then comes I have five kids on purpose, after that I would say I went to Australia a few years ago. Followed by my husband was in a movie with Kristi McNichols when he was 12, saved all the money and bought his first car with it. He still gets royalty checks for it which is why we are rich. I am kidding, about the checks, he really was in a movie called Summer of My German Soldier. I love that about him! In fact, he is a very unique and interesting person in regular person clothing. He played football as a walk on for UGA (ok so it was the scout team but still very cool.) He used to write a newspaper column in his hometown, he has written two fiction novels. He was supposed to go into training to be a Navy pilot and then plans changed ( which is lucky for me.) He can turn on a red neck accent in an instant if necessary to deal with people who are put at ease by that. He has three degrees from UGA and is infact a Dr. So cool. Okay this column has turned into my brag about my husband essay? Weird, didn't see that coming.


Back to things that annoy me, I am not a fan of

Bumper stickers (even the funny ones,) Give the stick people a rest already, and by the way, I don't care if your family raises Pygmy goats!

Can't stand stuffed animals in the window, or any kind of hanging lai, air freshener, dice, tassel or Rosary beads (that is not what they are for!)

Yippie dogs that bark too much and weigh less than 2 pounds - just shut up already and take off that stupid sweater!

People who think they are being nice to my autistic daughter but are really just talking to her like she is an idiot or a baby. Believe me, she knows what you are saying and how you are saying it, I believe it annoys her as well. She probably has a higher IQ than you too so there!

People who think they can ask all kinds of personal questions about your fertitlity issues because you have multiples, then they love to fill you in on anyone they know who has had trouble getting pregnant, Do you really think I am interested in your second step cousin's ovarian cysts? Yuck!

People who can't pronounce the word QUADRUPLETS, its not that hard people!

People who are overly interested in or excited by anything like stats for major sports figures, Sci Fi crap, Dungeons and Dragons, (Note: My attachment to Harry Potter does not qualify me in this category, I am immune to my own snobbery.)

Celine Dion - Uck

Mariah Carey - put on some comfortable clothes!

Super models - eat a sandwich please

Celebrities who think they run the world and that their political opinions matter to me anymore than the guy next door's do. You are paid to act, not educate me on why my choice for president is wrong.

People who still drive cars around with Al Gore stickers, you would be surprised how many of those are still out there! Umm excuse me while I remove my McCain Palin cling on.

I hate licorice or anything having anything to do with licorice Good n plentys, and hello vegetables that taste like licorice - fennel, whats that all about.

ohh mushy mealy apples and tomatoes


weather people - I don't know why?

Local TV personalities in general

Steve and Vicky in the morning

Liberals who like to judge everyone and tell them they are wrong for not thinking the way they do.

Ok, I think I will have to continue this tomorrow because I am so very exhausted by my own complaints!

Look for part deux tomorrow!


  1. We must be soul-sisters. My #1 pet peeve is stuffed animals in the back of car windows. And, I hate hate hate Steve & Vicky. I never listen to morning radio anymore but was still so happy when they were finally kicked off the air and mad when all the tv commercials came on for their new lame show. And I totally agree about Mariah. Don't feel bad about the way people talk to P. My inlaws talk to my kids like they are too stupid to understand anything, plus they talk really loud to them like they are deaf.

  2. I agree that Harry Potter obsessions are perfectly normal. Cuz I know people like that & they're awesome ;)

    Expanding on the stick-people bumper stickers: I would classify those as dangerous (in the child predator kind of way) since you're announcing to the world that you have children of particular ages & genders. But the cheerleader megaphone car magnet w/ the girl's name on it is even worse!